Select the greatest desert safari of your natural life

You do not have to spend One Thousand and One Nights in Arabia to experience a magical Arabian Night out of the book. Just one night can give you a glimpse into where the stories originated and what inspired such beautiful imagination. The desert has always been a place of wonder and there is more to desert life than what you imagined it to be. Dubai desert tours are unmatched escapades of fantasy. Get to know them better and you will never define your perfect holiday the way you did before. They are where exquisite wildlife, vibrant culture, oriental aromas, warm colors and exotic tastes meet, in a vast landscape of ancient history. Desert safaris give you the opportunity to explore the hidden beauty and finery of the mystical Middle East.

desert safari activities in Dubai

The exceptional feature of Dubai desert tours is the option of getting to explore the desert at night and day alike. The desert awakens at night and transforms into a cool, placid and an intriguing place just as it is a warm, sunny and glorious land during the day. The elegance of the evening is highlighted by gentle flames of traditional lamps, soothing oriental Arabic music, bread making, coffee brewing and many more scintillating activities around the fire. You can take a hot air balloon ride over the varied and dramatic landscapes of the desert to enjoy the views from above in the early morning. These delightful choices are offered by leading Dubai safari providers who are eager to offer you the authentic desert experience.

Desert safari occasions give you the chance to meet with the nearby customary culture, to appreciate the intriguing sights, to breathe life into a brave drive, blend with Bedouin and their method for living, pleasuring on camel drive or more all getting a charge out of the delightful grill with ceremonious gut artists moving to the feet of Arabian music. Desert safari is a special experience for a long lasting fun. It is also the only Dubai safari provider offering a full falconry demonstration and an authentic Bedouin experience. Your original Emirati cuisines are cooked on site by a chef and you will be driven across theĀ Hatta mountain tour in optimum luxury. The comfortable camp sites are ideal for unlimited stargazing and observing nocturnal creatures with night vision binoculars. You can even host corporate events and school cultural programs incorporating the desert safari experience to create something memorable and exciting. Discover the land of Arabia like you have never seen, and live a page out of a story book.